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Pontoon 21 bet a shiner

I have been looking around here in Wisconsin and had limited success with dealers, I guess I just don’t want to buy on unseen. Matt, In Minnesota the possesion limit is equal to the daily limit for Walleye and almost all other species. So many fish, not enough time It’s difficult to decide which species to target in early to mid-May in New Hampshire. DNR fisheries staff has been attempting to address the lopsided balance between large and small fish for quite a while.

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Some fish are aggressive and others must be enticed. There are quite a few responses, so keep scrolling down the page to see them all. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

1. 24v a Maxxum or Vector series?

2. I’m pretty illiterate when it comes to this.

3. Ice fishing for walleyes similar to last week as some filling buckets and others working for dinner.

We have been vacationing in Canada for the last several years, but Walleye have seemed to slow down, not to mention the dollar exchange being absolutely crazy right now. The 20 footer handles all of these lakes and providing that you are a reasonably safe operator, you will enjoy this rig. I have a quick question for you.

Interested parties are invited to attend the meeting, review current biological data, and provide input regarding Lake Winnibigoshish management. If you’re flexible, you’ll find that panfish, Perch and Pike will also be active at that time. But on balance, knowing where fish are located is still way more than half the battle.

You wind up with very comfortable seating for 4 people and you are free to move easily between the bow and stern when you need to net fish or do other small jobs in the boat. I’m not sure if it is slushing up underneath yet. The reality is that the folks in favor of this legislation will reject the new studies just as easily as they have rejected all the previous ones.

Please take my advice about getting in touch with folks who can give you a population assessment.

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It can open a mile a day, but the forecast for the next few days are not likely to allow that. Once you know how deep they are, you can begin solving the problem of how deep to fish and begin experimenting with a variety of baits. I cannot find pictures of this boat anywhere and dealers don’t keep them in stock for me to see.

Here’s a link to an article that will get you in the ball park. 00 for the new Willie Walleye in Baudette. Erl, I don’t recall saying no fish, I said «slow-down».

Valora Lundberg from Lake Lillian, MN.

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Hands on testing is the best way. The snow has settled because of warm temperatures, but the air temps have not allowed a full scale meltdown of the snow cover. That’s the rundown as I know it. That means that I’m going to become dependent on you and your reports about fishing on the ice or on the river.

The NW Angle continues to bring nice fish topside. Also, do you know any Lund dealers that currently have 20ft. I would like to run a 4 stroke just for noise reduction and with my choices being the 115 or 90 what do you see as performance differences?