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Guaranteed her content was not producing a liveable income. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Get to know this Santa Ana neighborhood by browsing its most popular local businesses, from a neighborhood tavern to a Mediterranean eatery.

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She was an interesting and quirky person who was making decent income from her work and then Evil Google stole her money. But authorities are still busy cleaning up from rock slides, creek and river overflows, and freeway flooding. She was a member of the Bahai Faith, not Islam.

1. We crunched the numbers to find the top outlets in Santa Ana, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of the best spots to satisfy your cravings.

2. Join your MC, Billy Harris as he works with the world’s best chefs in a new ticketed dinner series benefiting No Kid Hungry to help eradicate world hunger.

3. 8 earthquake was reported at 12:35 a.

Aghdam’s family said that, as far as they knew, she had never owned a gun. Making a living as a Youtube personality? We don’t need gun control, we need liberal control.

Wait for it, the little Hogg boy can be heard squealing. I would have guessed mid to late 20’s. The thing is, a murder suicide often drives people to emulate their actions.

She was clearly some whackjob that lost her a channel to broadcast to an empty audience. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Why was she allowed to walk among us normal civilians while she was a delusional lunatic? Eventually the social justice control movements wind-up suffocating their offspring.

It’s taking press time away from David Hogg and the media can’t have that.

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She sometimes wore masks and talked about animal rights and going vegan. So she was a Muslim vegan animal rights nut from Iran who was wearing a head scarf at the time she attacked. Notice there’s NO MSM outrage regarding the gun? So, it had nothing to do with a boyfriend.

What type of gun was used? I feel so sorry for Nasim Aghdam. Help Needed To Identify Providence Holy Cross Patient Who Calls Himself ‘Wolf’The patient is believed to be 68 years old and homeless.

Bahai Faith has no issues with the Jewish Faith. They want you to be their sex slaves and not think outside the box they designed for you! So, people, be careful in Wholefoods parking lots.

Trump Calls Off Military Transport For European Trip For Pelosi, SchiffU.

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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Preview: ‘The Billy Harris Dinner Series’ Coming To CBSLA In 2019Coming in 2019, CBSLA is launching a new series for foodies and aspiring chefs alike!

Surely there must be a confiscation of all such weapons. My read too, They cut off her income but as a private company they can do what they want. Anyone have any idea why she has a few dozen Star of David in the background?

Google, the most powerful company in the US, owns You tube, You’re not going to chnage anything they do. All that rain turned the region’s usually sleepy creeks and waterways into rushing rivers. If you don’t like it register your own website and you can put anything you want on it.