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Daisy leon

Given Henry Ford’s well documented antisemitism, I’m not so sure a Jewish person would drive a Ford product, either. Ford also supplied cars, parts and built airplanes for the United States war efforts in both WWI and WWII, helping to defeat the German military. There was just something about that Hudson that I got fixated on. Hitler was well aware of Ford’s views, and referred to his writings.

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This is a link for curbed Atlanta when the House was sold. And Ford didn’t ship Jewish families by boxcar to concentration camps to be murdered. The Long Shadow of Little Rock.

1. After about a year of this, one weekend I decided to stop and take a look.

2. 240Ds that vibrated and couldn’t barely make it up Mulholland Pass.

65 Cadillac for awhile but the engine blew and I had to sell it for salvage. I would had looked for some Buicks of the 1950’s and 1960’s instad of the flashier, more vulgar Cadillacs. I wonder if there were any other cars between the ’55 and ’65? That Calais was pretty clean, so I forgive that minor goof.

Love the 49 Caddy and 57 Bro-ham. She sold the paper in 1988 to Janis and Darryl Lunon. My only question is why such a wealthy family would have gone to a Hudson instead of a Cadillac or Buick in 1948.

Bates and her husband were active in the Little Rock branch. Lincoln, Cadillac or anything else over a period of about 20 years. Having owned a ’71 300SEL, as well as a ’68, this scene’s always been a favorite of mine. CUV’s in 2000 square foot houses. Wish I could find photos of them, they were some seriously attractive cars.

Rare enough for the deep South, but what would have been cut out of the movie would be the scene where the son bought a Mercedes.

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I come back and you’re having a peeing contest over the choice of automobiles in a FICTIONAL movie. And in the late 90s, I owned a medium green ’71 300 SEL. I would love to see a Car Show Classic on Daisy’s Chrysler. This has made them as common as dirt around here.

It never would have behaved this way, and you know it! It was during this time period that I learned how marginal the air conditioning systems in German cars of this time period, combined with the de riguer leather interiors, were in the hot and humid New Orleans extended summer season!

In 1959, as a result of intimidation by news distributors and a boycott by white business owners who withheld advertising, the Bateses were forced to close the Arkansas State Press.

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Mercedes were even popping up in my steel town home in the early 70’s. Southern lady, Daisy would never want something so ostentatious as an Eldo. In ill health the last years of her life, Bates died of a heart attack on November 4, 1999, at Baptist Medical Center in Little Rock.

1970 in Three Black Women’s Autobiographies. For What it’s worth: In the early 1970’s, my Parents had acquaintances somewhat above their middle-middle class status, living in the more fashionable, upscale neighborhoods of New Orleans. Back then few Jews drove a Mercedes.