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Bet me

Voir la traduction automatique de Google Translate de ‘bet’. I’m not going to bet the farm on such a risky investment. I wouldn’t bet against his getting the promotion.

Вилки букмекерские реально

Jessica cree que va a obtener el trabajo, pero yo no estaría tan seguro. It’s a fair bet exprexpression: Prepositional phrase, adverbial phrase, or other phrase or expression—for example, «behind the times,» «on your own. Are you going to the game tonight?

1. Dad was mad at me for taking the car.

2. La mejor opción sería contactar directamente con los organizadores y preguntarles si todavía hay entradas.

I’ll bet you one hundred dollars. Bet-R offers a fast, friendly, convenient and fun way to shop right under the historic Perkins Road Overpass. Jessica thinks she’s going to get the job, but I wouldn’t bet on it! Tu vas au match ce soir ?

The bet was that the loser would clean the house for a week. Do 3 Lutego będziemy śledzić pasjonującą walkę o zwycięstwo w Super Bowl.

Kliknij tutaj i dowiedz się o Cash In My Bet. Puedes apostar hasta el último centavo que volveré a casa a tiempo para la cena. Verb taking a direct object—for example, «Say something. What do you think would be my best bet? Your best bet would be to contact the organisers directly and ask if they still have tickets.

Puedes apostar la vida a que María le va a decir a la maestra lo que hicimos.

Melbet вывод

Verb not taking a direct object—for example, «She jokes. Do you want to make a bet on this fight? I wouldn’t bet against his getting the promotion. Wszystkie zakłady przyjmowane są w zgodzie z zasadami dotyczącymi zakładów William Hill opublikowanymi na tej stronie.

You can bet your bottom dollar I’ll get home in time for supper. Tu veux parier sur ce combat ?

I’ll bet interjinterjection: Exclamation—for example, «Oh no!

Винлине букмекерская контора зеркало

Oscar lost his money because he bet against the winning horse. Dan is my bet for top salesman this year. I bet you don’t remember me!

Verb not taking a direct object—for example, «She jokes. This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence.